About Us

Meet The Owners


Colt Taylor

With a Chef owned and driven restaurant, food comes first. Partnering with his Father, Michael Hannifan, Chef Colt Taylor is bringing his passion and innovation back to his home.

Michael Hannifan

A man above his ego, Michael Hannifan stands tall and proud in the background of this elegant venture. From Bushnell Street in Hartford to his days of being a corrections officer in New Haven, Michael has built a life of perseverance, honor and diligent work ethic to uplift those around him. 30 years ago, he began his pallet manufacturing business in New Britain Connecticut, and now, has embarked to take his years of travel and dining to help reinvest in his home of Essex Connecticut. 

Our Philosophy

Passion, Love and Innovation fuels our vision of bringing a full spectrum of experiences to our guests. At The Essex We have eliminated the walls and barriers from the dining room to the kitchen to showcase the art of cooking on a stage. We value the roots and foundation, from classic French technique to the life and journey that each ingredient takes. We pride ourselves on respect for food, wine, spirits and hospitality while striving to exceed all expectations. 

Nostalgic as we are modern, and echoing the progressive interpretations of timeless dishes, The Essex will breathe substance, luxury introspection and life into every guest it will envelope.