Proof at The Essex



  1. evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.
  2. activate (yeast) by the addition of liquid in the formation of dough.

  3. a new york inspired pizza and meatball concept available in
    the bar room and terrace (coming soon) only at The Essex


Pizza & Meatballs

We make all of our dough in the style of New York Pizza, thin with a bite, crispy and just a hint of char. Our sauces and Balls are all made fresh in house from the best and most sustainable product.
We embrace the simplicity and deliver it to your mouths. Open Wednesday-Sunday from 4PM to close, and available for pickup. The full menu is available here


All about our Meatballs

Our menu features our Double R Ranch Prime Meatballs, Our Dry-Aged Meatballs, Misty Knoll Chicken Balls, Seven Hill Farm Spiced Pork Balls, Beluga Lentil Vegetarian Balls, And Our one of a kind Lobster Balls. You pick the sauce and have your balls your way!


Pizza for days

We have a custom lineup of pizzas that bring about simplicity with a bit more thought. We only serve one size pie with no uncharges or add ons. Indulge in a new way to enjoy America's most beloved food.